Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the most frequently requested information into a single place.

What is my responsibility as a maker or manufacturer?

Letter of Authorization;  Flagship Authorization

Details of company’s activity on social media, retail

Product samples, pictures, and other supporting marketing material

Details of product Trademark in U.S. and China

How soon can we get paid?

Depends on the program

Credit card placement holder- ACI, other

30 net credit

Consignment and payment model

Special payment terms for fast selling or flash sales campaign available

What products have the best prospects?





Consumer Electronics

Light luxury

Any unique product(s) that have established brand awareness in U.S.

Who handles customer returns?

ABC Depot has an integrated network in-place in China to support after-sales support, customer complaints and returns

There are many brands on the major B2C marketplaces. How will our brand get traffic and attention?

ABC Depot has special support and reach with, the largest “pure” cross border e-commerce platform in China

Initial focus and traffic, bust on review by platform

Developed a model to promote via store traffic

Demand creation through 11/11 and other special promotion options

Possibility of developing KOL program* depending on model of cooperation agreed upon; Flagship collaboration will incorporate expansion to multiple platforms, KOL and social media engagement and flash sales strategy

What is required to partner with ABC/ShowcaseUSA?

Authorization letter

Proof of TM from brand holder

Wholesale/Pricing program for cross border e-commerce

Information about the product’s success and acceptance in the U.S., internationally include online/offline activity.

Details about product(s)social media activity in the U.S. and China

How is inventory managed through ABC Depot?

Initial inventory, a small amount, will be consigned or offered on terms (upon approved credit) to be stored at ABC.  As sales expand, larger amounts will be inventoried at ABC in Los Angeles and if volume greatly expands, the product will be shipped by ocean to be stored in a bonded warehouse in China.

Do I need to hold a trademark in China?

It is recommended. We can help with this process if the process has not been started.

How is pricing established and managed for cross border exporting?

Initial evaluation of retail pricing (or established online pricing in China will be reviewed) and based on associated cross border costs.  ABC Depot/Showcase USA Store has a pricing guideline for online pricing and required wholesale prices to make the program successful. We are open to reviewing any existing business activity in China to minimize price conflict. 

Are there concerns about channel conflict?

Chinese buyers are not discrete.  Those wishing to buy directly from the brand holder via cross border are likely not to trust sales through retail or perhaps 3rd party/Diagou sales channels.  

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