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About Showcase USA Store

The team at ABC Depot/Showcase USA understands the challenges and fears that come with exporting.

Our senior management has more than 50 years combined in pioneering the sale of American products in Asia and developing solutions that allow companies to minimize risk and maximize returns. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise managing Kaola/Netease, China’s #1 cross-border E-commerce platform, logistics and procurement operation in the U.S, we have developed a fully customizable, comprehensive solution, to help American branded products begin or expand their exports through cross border e-commerce- all dealing with a U.S. based company.


Jeffrey Chen

Jeffrey Chen’s career has mirrored the amazing rise of the Chinese economy in the past thirty years. Arriving in the United States in the late 1980’s, Mr. Chen was an early overseas employee of Sinotrans Holdings, the largest logistics company in China, helping the company to expand their footprint throughout the United States. Anticipating the expansion of two-way trade between China and the United States, Jeffrey established multiple logistics companies in the United States over the past twenty years including ABC Depot Logistics, founded in 2005, as a leading provider of end-to-end solutions, combing air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, road rail, express packages and e-commerce services. Having developed a strong reputation in the global logistics industry, ABC Depot was enlisted by Netease/Kaola in 2015 to establish a 3PL operation and procurement office in North America. Under his leadership,  ABC Depot Logistics has played a key role helping to become the leading cross border e-commerce platform in China. 

Mark Matsumoto

Mark Matsumoto was the founding member of California ETEC, a leading exporter of student recruitment and training services in Asia and the Middle East. Under Matsumoto’s leadership the organization was awarded the President’s E-Award and E-Star Award. Mr. Matsumoto also founded and managed the trading company Network International Exports, Inc. that has helped pioneer the sale of more than 50 different American products in Asia and generated more than $100 million dollars in exports during the past 20 years.  Matsumoto co-authored the widely acclaimed book, Exporting in the Connected World in 2014.

Comprehensive Cross Border E-Commerce Solution

Stage 1: Consultation and Evaluation

Our team will provide a complete end-to-end solution including:

  1. Consult in-person or phone will all qualified supplier inquiries
  2. Conduct initial evaluation
  3. Obtain review and feedback from Kaola/other leading cross border e-commerce platforms

Stage 2: Product Approval & Sales Launch

  1. Set-up pop store, including image development, translation, custom registration, etc.
  2. Coordinate logistics
  3. Payment facilitation
  4. Ongoing communication with product supplier, including introduction of additional SKUs

Showcase USA Store Benefits

  • Helps U.S. brand holders maximize exposure and access to leading China Cross Border platforms
  • Reduces the front-end investment; likely more than $100,000 USD to set up and support a Flagship Store on Tmall Global or
  • Opportunities to participate in Flash Sales to help liquidate closeout/overrun merchandise and drive first-time sales
  • Our local team in California provides the interface with a vertical team in China providing: store maintenance, KPI monitoring, support and engagement of KOL’s and social media, development of specializing marketing and promotion opportunities, logistics, and 24/7 customer service support.

Showcase USA Store

The one stop solution to launching your E-commerce brand in China