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Don't miss out on 11/11( Singles Day) or 12/12 online sales promotions in China that generate more than $100 billion in revenue.

The team at ABC Showcase USA has simplified the launch process to 5 easy steps:

1) Contact the Showcase USA Team
2) Product consultation/review
3) Select Launch Package * Our simple, cost-effective launch programs are explained below * ( ppt/pdf slides)
4) Onboard product on Showcase USA Online Store(s)
5) Begin promoting your product on weekly Showcase USA Live Stream Events

Our weekly live streaming campaigns on Kaola.com and other leading e-commerce platforms are introducing new American products to 1000’s of online viewers ever week who are ready to start buying “real-time”.

Click here to see a thorough walkthrough of our process.
Showcase USA Cross Border E-Commerce Launch Program.

Our recent livestream reached more than 10,000 live viewers on Saturday, September 7th, China.


The most recent live stream event on Friday, September 6th introduced Massimo Gusto Avocado Oil, Natureru’s California Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt, a line of hand crafted lollipops, and other high demand consumer products. Live Streaming is a terrific way to introduce new foreign brands to China’s most important buying demographic- 18-35 year olds. Distinctive brands in the apparel, baby, beauty, health (including organic and natural foods), jewelry, and home goods space stand to generate a strong following and potentially strong sales through cross border e-commerce.

Showcase USA Store

The one stop solution to launching your E-commerce brand in China

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