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Showcase USA introduces a low-cost method to start selling online in China through cross border e-commerce.

Cross- border e-commerce is dramatically transforming the way foreign brands penetrate the Chinese market. In 2018 alone, more than $200 billion dollars in commerce was transacted via cross-border e-commerce in China with the expectation of more than 600 million active online consumers by 2023. Perhaps even more exciting, U.S. companies can test their products in China without needing to first commit to the regulatory costs attached to setting up a formal presence in China.

The rise of cross border e-commerce has brought with it an unprecedented opportunity for American companies to tap sales directly to Chinese consumers and beyond. Even with the specter of a growing trade war between the United States and China, cross border e-commerce offers U.S. brand holders the one work around to directly sell their products to Chinese consumers- evading high tariffs. In fact, the Chinese government has recently lowered duties on most consumer goods to 9.2 %! Coupled with the expanded individual personal exemption, consumers can import up to 5000 RMB duty free.

The team at Showcase USA Store has simplified the cross border e-commerce process to offer companies a fully customizable, one-stop solution that will help quickly and successfully launch their products in China through cross-border ecommerce sales. Since the start of 2019, Showcase USA has helped U.S. suppliers of beauty products, packaged food, health devices , supplements and apparel/shoes companies launch flagship stores or onboard on an established ABC Showcase Pop Store.

“The rapid expansion of cross -border e-commerce has been a game changer for U.S. companies hoping to reach the vast China consumer market. We have developed a turn-key selling model that reduces risk and gives companies assurance dealing with a U.S. based company.”
Mark Matsumoto, Showcase USA co-founder

Leveraging the backbone of ABC Depot Logistics, the exclusive 3PL and procurement arm for Netease/Kaola North America and other leading Chinese e-commerce platforms, the Showcase USA Store model provides brand holders a easy method to manage all aspects of the cross- border e-commerce process selling on China’s #1 Cross Border E-Commerce Platform, Kaola.com. The recently launched ABC Pop Store Program provides brand holders the following bundled support:

  • Product review and input from leading ecommerce platforms
  • Listing and approvals with China Customs for up to 5 sku’s
  • Development and management of online store
  • Management of inventory and logistics with proprietary warehouse management software
  • Payment collection from Chinese consumer
  • Coordination of platform promotion, including facilitation of in-country social media campaigns and opportunities to participate in live streaming events hosted at ABC Headquarters in Los Angeles.
  • 24/7 customer service support in China

    Services are customizable based on company size, product and anticipated sales volume.

    Fees: Launch programs as low as $1000.00

Showcase USA Store

The one stop solution to launching your E-commerce brand in China

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